Texture / Curing Machines


Depending on the surface texture, a newly paved section of road produces noise of different levels and at different frequencies, when caused movement. Our self-propelled texture/curing machine can give these concrete surfaces the desired texture that brushes off the roughness of the surface.

The TC-2700 saves you the hand labor and heavy bulk bridges as it follows closely behind the newly formed slipform paver texturing the longitudinal concrete surface and eventually spraying curing compound in the process.

Allen Buildwell offers you the most-versatile texturing and curing machines which are also equipped with crawler tracks and flotation tires. One solid feature of our machines is it increases the efficiency of your building project, and the two-track machine comes with fully adjustable accommodations to keep up with the slipform paver. The best part is the machine needs only one single operator, thus minimizing your labor cost.

For more advanced functioning, the texture machines are equipped with a shielded spray bar and no-drip stainless steel nozzles to offer excellent coverage. Our innovative, high-performance and cost-effective products and technologies for concrete paving, surface mining, and the concrete batching plant make us the market-leading company to provide complete cement concrete related solutions.