Soil Stabilizer

Soil stabilizers offered by Allen Buildwell and road reclaimers are specially designed to carry out a wide range of tasks. Every machine is balanced and well-constructed using a sealed box frame to ensure high levels of durability and versatility. The machines are used for road rehabilitation, cold recycling, soil stabilization and are developed to cater to all aspects of these projects.

SX-2e Soil Stabilizer

A task-specific solil stabilizer with a rear mounted cutter

SX-5e Soil Stabilizer-Reclaimer

Mid-Sized Unit designed for soil stabilization and asphalt reclamation

SX-6e Soil Stabilizer-Reclaimer

A soil stabilizer with a 600 hose-powered clean engine.

SX-8e Soil Stabilizer-Reclaimer

A soil Stabilizer-Reclaimer with a clean running 755 hp engine.