Slipform Pavers


The SF-1700 paver offered by Allen Buildwell is one of the most economical and compact slip pavers in our comprehensive range of slip form pavers. The SF-1700 is specially designed to pave widths from 10 to 24 feet (3 to 7.5 meters) and is the perfect choice for paving in the busy streets of the city, half-width paving, paving rural roads and more.

The SF-1700 is available in weights ranging from 39,000 to 45,000 pounds (17,690 to 20,412 kgs) and provides a smooth surface finish while paving smaller roads where the concrete supply is limited. As the slip form paver requires only 29 inches (74 cms) of side clearance, it is used in projects at congested locations where larger machines cannot fit. The SF-1700 comes with two heavy-duty 12’ (3.65 m) track systems and elevation controls to complete the tasks at a rapid pace.


The SF-2700 is arguably one of the most popular machines in our slip form paver product line. The SF-2700 is a two-track slip form paver that is specifically designed to pave between 12’ (3.65 m) and 27’ (8.23 m). The machine is suitable to pave residential streets, street rehabilitation, and overlay applications. The machine’s low profile and narrow side clearance ( 29”, 74 cms) make it an instant hit amongst contractors as the process of revamping streets is simplified.

The SF-2700 was designed to ensure it is user-friendly and simplifies the applications it is used for. Moreover, the person operating the machine has a good view of the various functions around the machine. The machine’s low centre of gravity makes it extremely easy to transport from place to another.

The machine is well-equipped with either electronic or hydraulic sensors, vibrators that can be mounted easily, and well-designed side-forms. Thus, the operator can entirely focus on paving instead of spending time setting it up.

Apart from being used for a typical road job, the machine can also pave up to 32’ wide by using extensions. Moreover, as it has a paving depth of up to 16”, it is also used for airport work.

The standard features of the SF-2700 include split tamper bar, reversible auger system, and a hydraulic strike-off for metering the concrete. Some of the optional equipment are bar inserters, keyway inserters, curb moulds, and a belt finisher.


The 2400 series of advanced slip form pavers offered by Allen Buildwell – the SF-2402 and SF-2404 is widely used for traditional paving, offset paving, and a range of customised applications. The 2400 series is ideal for both; residential as well as intermediate paving projects. Allen Buildwell offers slip form pavers in two-track (SF-2402) and four-track (SF-2404) configurations.

The SF-2404 comes with a telescoping frame to enable width adjustment from 8 ft (2.5 m) to 20 ft (6m) without requiring added rigid frame extensions. The reason why the 2400 series machines are user-friendly is the inclusion of the one-touch track positioning and a rotary knob which controls the steering.

Further, the 138:1 track-drive gear ratio with dual-speed H1 bent axis motor offers smooth paving at slow and fast speeds to move around the site. Moreover, while paving there is a quick transition from the paving mode to the transportation mode. Another significant benefit of the SF-2404 is that the machine can be made ready for loading without leaving the controls at any given time.


The SF-3000 paver is heavy duty and a high production slip form paver that is widely used to pave streets, highways, and airports. The SF-3000 is robust, durable, stable, and built to handle complex jobs at high production rates. The machine weighs around 65,000 lbs (29.400 kgs) and is specially developed for heavy-duty tasks.

Besides, the SF-3000 has extendable hydraulic loading legs that make loading and transportation easy. Moreover, the SF-3000 is a highly productive machine as it can change widths at a rapid pace based on the requirement. Similar to the SF-2700, the slip form paver SF-3000 is easy to set-up and operate and offers a choice between hydraulic and electronic sensors.

The SF-3000 comes with side forms that widen hydraulically (3” or 7.6 cms) and raise 3” (7.6 cms). This mainly allows the operator to take things forward from the previous day’s work and start paving from the header, get rid of gaps, and blow-out which significantly reduces manual work. The design of the side form results in crisp and sharp edges of the pavement.

Multi-purpose slip form machines

The multi-purpose slip form machine is one of the most versatile multipurpose slip form machines in the world that is primarily used for concrete paving tasks. The highly advanced paving 7700 multipurpose paving machine is specifically designed for offset applications such as road paving, barriers, ditches, bridge parapets, and more. The 7700 multi-purpose slip form machine is one of the best and an ideal solution for all types of paving applications.