Milling Machine

The asphalt milling machines and cold planers offered by Allen Buildwell offer everything our clients seek. We provide a robust design, simple troubleshooting, and meagre operational costs. The different models are available in both 3-track and 4-track configurations. A milling machine or a cold planer is a heavy-duty construction equipment that is widely used for asphalt milling (also known as asphalt grinding). The machine consists of a large rotating drum that grinds the asphalt surface and also holds the carbide cutters that are predominantly used to cut the pavement. The position of the carbide cutters is the key as after they cut pavement; the milled pavement is then moved to the centre of the drum. Further, the pavement is loaded onto the conveyor belt that is attached to the milling machine. At present, a majority of machines make use of a front-loading conveyor system that is also responsible for picking up pavement that falls off a conveyor at the time of milling.


Compact milling machine with a base cutting width of 48 and a depth of 12


Perfect machine for obstacles – allows to cut flush on both left and right hand side


Versatile milling with a cutting depth of 13 and width of 86


Milling machine with the ability to cut 14 deep and 120 wide