Batching Plant

Allen Buildwell – A Leading Supplier of PENTA Concrete Batching Plant.
Allen Buildwell is a popular and reputed entity when it comes to offering excellent solutions for infrastructure development applications. We are an established and a trusted supplier with strong market presence in road construction, construction of freight corridors for railways, the building of skyscrapers, metro project construction, hydro-power plant construction, dam construction, and more.
Apart from the mentioned projects, we offer the ideal solutions for nuclear, thermal, solar, and gas-oriented projects.

Penta Concrete batching plants

PENTA Concrete batching plants in concrete road construction With a road network of around 43 lakh kilometres that is segregated into national highways, state highways, district roads, and rural roads, India’s road network is the second largest in the world. We have rich and diverse experience as a batching plant supplier for various types of concrete applications such as cement road construction.

Our clients have complete trust in our solutions and have over the years, we have built a symbiotic professional relationship with them and delivered efficient, quality, and durable solutions. We have successfully supplied solutions for multiple high-end infrastructure development projects throughout India.

There are mainly two types in  Concrete Batching Plant

Mixer Technology

The ultimate goal of any concrete production is to create a homogeneous concrete mixture without which there are several problems that the end-user is likely to face. The two types of technologies that are widely used to get this type of mixtures are:

  • Pan mixer
  • Twin-shaft mixer
  • Planetary


The equipment offered by Allen Buildwell is widely used across for a broad spectrum of applications such as dams, roads, canals, nuclear projects and more. Moreover, our equipment plays an essential part in the fabrication of precast barriers used for Metro rail and Airport projects throughout India.